In early 2005 Tobias Eisenschmidt started dragging sounds out of various software trackers and his passion for music production was born. He dug out his old Gameboy and inspired by the 8bitpeoples, his first chiptunes were on the move. Once the right notes were found, all the bleeps, chirrs and blings merged into harmonies and melodies.




Since then, a lot has happened: Tobias produces and releases electronic music for the club and for at home. With his pseudonym “Skyk” he stands for a special sound which is somewhere between percussive minimal, dreamy deep house and driving techno. Finally in 2008 he started his own label. But not only that. You can also see him as a DJ and Liveact.





Apple iMac 24", Echo Audiofire 8 Interface, Alesis M1 Active MK2 Monitors, Edirol PCR-M1 MIDI-Keyboard, Yamaha E-Guitar, Cubase 4 Studio and Plugins. In the clubs I'm using an Apple Macbook, NI Audio 8 DJ, NI Traktor Pro and a Faderfox MIDI controller.